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About Wx.

Our mission is to make whole wellness accessible + truly enjoyable for women+ of all shapes, sizes and styles. We see Whole Wellness as including 4 key elements: Physical, Nutritional, Mental + Cultural. Each Wellness World features virtual events, videos, articles, discussions, and opportunities to connect with others.

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Why you should hang out with us.

We are an inclusive + safe space for women-identifying and nonbinary babes to learn about each element of wellness, explore how best to apply it in your life, and connect with others along your unique journey. Plus we have a loooot of fun doing it!

Starting in Spring 2022, here are a few ways you can hang out with us + get involved :

  • Slow Sunday Runners Club
  • Modification Mondays
  • Weekly Well Check-In
  • Accountability Partners

What we support.

We are here to support YOU and remind us all that whole wellness looks different for everyone. We celebrate all bodies, backgrounds, age and abilities regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, and genetics. We cherish the diverse community different individuals cultivate.

We use the term Women+ to capture the full range of underrepresented genders, nonbinary, women plus LGBTTQQIAAP and more. Women+ does not mean “women or”—further identifications are meant to be inclusive and there is not necessarily a difference between women and other groups (some of whom include individuals who also identify as women). The wellness conversation benefits from a broader range of gender voices. 

If you feel you belong on this list, you do!

How to get started.

Just sign up + dive in! We are not requiring a paid membership at this time. We do appreciate donations, so if you like what you find here + are called to support us, please reach out to us at [email protected] for donation options. 

Now go explore whole wellness and enjoy your journey!